When attempting the task, it is very crucial for a candidate to understand the given topic/ discussion. The prime duty of a candidate before beginning the task-2 of IELTS Writing Module is to carefully read and understand the given topic. For instance, if the given topic/discussion is on “pollution,” don’t simply write about pollution in general, carefully read about what type of pollution is mentioned and on which aspect/s of it is the discussion based, and then carefully plan how to continue your discussion.

Secondly, since you are attempting academic version of IELTS, your writing should proceed in academic style. Candidates must make sure that the length of their writing must reach at least 250 words, and anything short of it would be penalized; however no penalty is imposed on description containing more than 250 words, but candidates should always keep an eye on the time – the most important limiting factor in the IELTS. Further, task-2 is more significant and worth more when compared to the task-1, hence candidate must make sure that he/she is left with sufficient time to complete it comfortable and efficiently. Candidates are advised to spend 40 minutes on this task.

Assessment Criteria (in short):

Task Response: The candidates are assessed on their ability to fully understand all the aspects of the given task and appropriately provide relevant information answering each individual aspect of the task.

Organization: Here the ability of a candidate to organise their ideas and information is assessed. The examiners look for how well the information is linked, including paragraphing and presentation.

Word Power: The word power (vocabulary) of a candidate and his/her ability to use accurately and appropriately is assessed.

Grammar Skills: The ability of a candidate to structure a sentence, its accuracy and appropriateness is assessed.

Finally, remember that Task-2 of IELTS writing module carries more significance and marks compared to task-1. Not that the task-1 is insignificant but the significance of task-2 is comparatively more. Candidates must always remember this, and those who fail to perform better in this task have less probability of getting good band in the IELTS Writing Module.